20 Viral Streetwear Summer Outfits for Men

Streetwear Summer Outfits for Men
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Hey there! Ready to turn some heads this summer? I’ve got you covered with 20 viral streetwear summer outfits for men, that are as hot as the days ahead. Each one tells a story, your story, through layers, textures, and colors that scream individuality. I’m talking about outfits that aren’t just clothes—they’re your armor for every urban adventure under the sun.

And because we know a true style journey never stops, I’ll also guide you through the essential pieces you need to own the summer. Let’s embark on this style odyssey together, friends, and make this season one for the books!

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20 Best Streetwear Summer Outfits for Men in 2024

In 2024, men’s streetwear summer outfits combine comfort with style. I’m excited to share these top outfits that strike the perfect balance, ranging from relaxed oversized shirts to the classic touch of Adidas sneakers, each ensemble is curated to highlight unique style and personality.

1. White Shirt With Green Cargo Shorts

White Shirt With Green Cargo Shorts, White Tennis Socks and Birkenstock Sandals | streetwear summer outfits for men

I appreciate this outfit for its timeless appeal. The white shirt is a versatile piece, while the green cargo shorts bring a pop of color. The Birkenstock sandals ensure comfort for all-day wear.

2. Brown / White

Brown Cap With White Oversized Shirt, Brown Shorts, Brown Bag White Tennis Socks and White Sandals

This ensemble shines for its coordinated colors. The white oversized shirt creates a striking contrast with the earthy brown tones, offering a casually sophisticated look.

3. Casual Streetwear Combo

Blue Cap With Wide Blue Button Shirt, Blue Jorts, White Socks and Black Loafers Accessorized With White Shoulderbag and Sunglasses | streetwear summer outfits for men

For me, this outfit stands out for its cohesive blue palette. Accessorizing with sunglasses and a tote bag adds a practical yet stylish edge.

4. Blue-White Oversized Look

White Oversized Shirt With Blue Baggy Jorts, White Tennis Socks and Adidas Samba

I find the combination of baggy jorts and Adidas Samba particularly on-trend. The white shirt keeps the outfit fresh and is perfect for summer.

5. The Green-White Combination

Green Cap With White Oversized Button Shirt, Green Shorts, White Tennis Socks and White Loafers | streetwear summer outfits for men

I love how the green cap ties this outfit together. The white loafers are a great touch, giving the outfit a clean finish.

6. Black Stüssy Vibes

Black Stüssy Sweater With Black Jorts, White Tennis Socks and Black Adidas Samba

This outfit grabs attention with the iconic Stüssy branding. It’s edgy yet practical, and the Adidas Samba sneakers are a timeless choice that I cherish for their comfort.

7. White Tank Top With Blue Jorts

White Tank Top With Blue Baggy Overknee Jorts, Long Nike Socks and Jordan 4 Retro | streetwear summer outfits for men

Sporty and stylish, the Jordan 4 Retro elevates this outfit. I value the relaxed vibe of the over knee jorts and the athletic feel brought by the Nike socks.

8. The Brownie

Brown Oversized Shirt With Dark Grey Baggy Jeans Shorts and Adidas Campus in Grey / Off-White

I’m drawn to the subtle yet strong combination of browns and greys. The outfit is grounded by the classic Adidas Campus sneakers, making it ideal for a casual day out.

9. The Fleece Cardigan Jacket

Dark Green Fleece Cardigan Jacket With Withe Muscle Shirt, Bright Grey Baggy Jorts White Socks and Birkenstock Boston | streetwear summer outfits for men

The fleece cardigan adds an interesting texture to this outfit. I find the Birkenstock Boston clogs not only trendy but also an ode to comfort in streetwear.

10. Cream White / Beige

Button Down Cream White Short Sleeve With Beige Jorts White Socks and Birkenstock Boston

I admire the soft color palette of this ensemble. The button-down shirt paired with Birkenstock Bostons speaks of laid-back elegance.

11. White Tank Top With Black Baggy Jeans

White Tank Top With Black Baggy Jeans and Jordan 1 Black / White, Accessorized With Black Shoulderbag and White Sunglasses | streetwear summer outfits for men

This combination is effortlessly cool. Jordan 1 sneakers are a statement piece that I always recommend for adding an urban edge.

12. The Blue Baggy Jeans

Green Cap With White Tank Top, Blue Baggy Jeans and White Sneakers

A go-to summer outfit that I rely on for its simplicity and the fresh feel the white tank top and sneakers bring to the heat of the streets.

13. The Jersey Elegance

White Jersey With Black Wide Leg Pants, White Sneakers and Black Shoulderbag | streetwear summer outfits for men

Monochrome has never failed to impress. I’m fond of this look for its sleek lines and how the jersey provides a sporty touch.

14. Desert Vibes

Bright Green Oversized Hoodie With White Shirt underneath, Paired With Blue Washed Jorts and Yeezy Desert Boots

The vibrant green hoodie is the centerpiece here. Paired with Yeezy desert boots, the ensemble speaks of modern streetwear culture that I find captivating.

15. Distressed Jeans With White Tank Top

Distressed Color Jeans With White Tank Top | streetwear summer outfits for men

A classic with a twist, featuring distressed jeans that I find edgy. The simplicity of a white tank top balances the look impeccably.

16. Khaki / Sand Colored

Khaki Hoodie With Distressed Sand Colored Jorts and Yeezy Desert Boots

I’m passionate about the harmony in this attire. The khaki hoodie blends seamlessly with the sand-colored jorts, while the Yeezy desert boots add a fashion-forward dimension.

17. The colored Jersey

Yellow Jersey With Blue Baggy Overknee Jean Shorts, Paired With White Sneakers

The sporty yellow jersey is offset by casual jean shorts. White sneakers are a personal favorite for their blend of style and history.

18. Wide Leg Cotton Cargo Pants

White Wide Leg Cotton Cargo Pants With Black Tank Top and Black Tote Bag

I adore the balance of loose cotton pants with a fitted tank top. The outfit’s simplicity is its strength, offering a canvas for personal expression.

19. Beige Oversized Sweater

Beige Oversized Sweater With Dark Green Shorts, White Tennis Socks and White Sneakers | streetwear summer outfits for men

The neutral tones of the sweater complement the dark green shorts well. I’m passionate about the way white sneakers can unify an outfit.

20. Athletic Streetwear

White Stüssy Shirt With Black Nike Shorts, White Socks, White-Black Cap and Adidas Samba White-Green

The Stüssy shirt coupled with Nike shorts is a combination that screams streetwear. The white-green Adidas Samba adds a touch of nostalgia that I find irresistible.

Streetwear Summer Outfit Must-Haves for Men in 2024

A man in a linen button shirt and blue jeans.

In my pursuit of the perfect blend of comfort and style, I’ve curated the essential pieces for a man’s streetwear summer wardrobe in 2024.

Oversized Tees


I’ve found oversized tees to be a staple. Nothing beats the comfort of a soft, breezy white tee or a bold graphic tee that makes a statement. They’re perfect for exuding a relaxed vibe while showing off personal style.

Wide Button Shirts

Pull & Bear

When I think of summer, linen shirts come to mind. A Hawaiian or linen wide button shirt provides a laid-back, comfortable and trendy aesthetic. They grant an outfit that effortless charm, ideally when layered over tees.



A nod to sports and street culture, jerseys serve as a cool and casual go-to. Real street style lovers will know that an authentic jersey is more than just a tribute to sports; it’s a piece of wearable culture.

Baggy Jorts

Basic Blue Jorts with a striped shirt as overlay over a white basic shirt. A man in a striped shirt and blue jeans is standing on a sidewalk in front of a building, posing for a picture.

See more Jorts Outfits here

The resurgence of baggy jorts offers a modern twist on classic denim. I’m particularly into distressed denim shorts; they provide an edge that complements the casual ensemble and brings a sense of authenticity to your outfit.

Athletic Shorts

Nike – Kickz
Pegador – Kickz

Athletic shorts from notable streetwear brands offer a unique synergy between sportswear and modern street style. Whether it’s grey, black, or neutral-toned shorts, I make sure they’re as fashionable as they are functional.


When I want to mix up my look, I go for loafers. A comfortable pair strikes the perfect balance between street style and sophistication, especially when I pair them with more casual items for a striking contrast.


Adidas – Kickz
Adidas – Kickz

No summer streetwear list is complete without the right sneakers. This summer, in everyone’s rotation should be classics like the Adidas Samba or Adidas Campus, and why not some white sneakers? They’re the backbone of streetwear, fusing comfort and cool as I step out in style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Streetwear Summer Outfits for Men

summer fashion vibes close up on oversized short sleeve linen shirt in sand color

In this section, I’ll quickly cover some common questions to help you nail your summer streetwear looks while staying comfortable and stylish.

How can I dress masculine in the summer?

For a masculine summer look, I opt for loose-fitting tees, cargo shorts, and low-top sneakers. I ensure my clothes provide comfort without compromising on style by choosing breathable materials.

Can men wear long jeans in summer?

Yes, you can wear long jeans in summer. My go-to is light-wash denim with a relaxed fit to allow better air circulation, paired with a light cotton t-shirt to balance the heat.

Can I wear a sweater in summer?

You can, but choose lightweight sweaters for cooler evenings. I often layer them over a crisp white shirt, leaving the sweater casually unbuttoned for a laid-back vibe.

How can men incorporate bold prints into their streetwear summer outfits?

I love making a statement by adding one bold print item, like a vibrant shirt, to my outfit and keeping everything else understated. This lets the print stand out without overwhelming my look.

What accessories trends are dominating the streetwear scene in 2024?

This year, I’m seeing a lot of chunky sneakers and crossbody bags. I also spot utility pouches and bucket hats to add a functional yet trendy edge to any streetwear ensemble.


a hanging linen shirt in sand colors in a green garden, surrounded by various plants

I’ve walked you through the fundamentals of men’s summer streetwear. The key elements? Lightweight fabrics, loose cuts, and vibrant prints. Opt for graphic tees and oversized shirts—they are breathable and reflect your personality. Pair them with board shorts or cargo pants for a laid-back yet stylish look.

Summer streetwear doesn’t have to be complicated. Embrace sneakers and boat shoes to navigate these sunny days. And remember, colors play a crucial role. Go for whites and pastels to repel the sun’s heat, or choose black for an edgy touch, but always prioritize comfortable materials.

As for accessories, think caps, sunglasses, and wristbands. They serve a practical purpose and add layers to your ensemble, making each outfit uniquely yours.

I invite you to experiment with the flexible realm of summer streetwear. Remember, the best style reflects who you are, and summer is the perfect season to express that freely. I’m keen to see how you put together your perfect streetwear summer outfit for men.

Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for more style inspo, and drop a comment below with your summer streetwear stories. Let’s keep this conversation going!

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