Jorts: What’s Behind This Trend 2024

A pair of jorts (jeans shorts) for men
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Emerging from the fashion archives, jorts, or jean shorts, have made a triumphant return to the modern man’s wardrobe. No longer just a relic of past summers, these denim staples offer a versatile and stylish option for those warm days when you crave comfort without sacrificing style. With a variety of fits available, from the snug vintage-inspired cuts to the more relaxed baggy styles, there’s a pair of jorts waiting to complement your personal fashion sense.

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What Are Jorts?

Imagine the hardy texture of your favorite jeans meeting the breezy, playful hem of shorts—that’s the fashion love child known as jorts! Jort is a playful term that blends ‘jeans’ and ‘shorts’ into a single, easy-going garment. They offer the durable comfort of jeans but keep your legs free to bask in the warmth of sunnier days.

Historically, jorts made their scene-stealing debut when someone decided that their jeans could use a bit of a trim. Creatively, they snipped away at the legs, and behold, the jean short was born. Whether you’re lounging around or on an adventurous trek, jorts provide that sweet liberty of movement with a generous dash of style.

CompositionDenim, often 100% cotton
LengthVaries, with options from mid-thigh to just above the knee
FeaturesRobust yet comfortable, usually retaining the classic five-pocket design of jeans

Typically, they fall into a comfort zone of length, neither too long nor scandalously short. Jorts carry you through the day with a whimsical vibe that denim alone can’t match. And let’s be honest, they’re the ultimate testament to upcycling—transforming tired jeans into trendsetting jorts is a win for your wardrobe and the planet!

Why Jorts Are So Popular

A table displaying different styles of men's jorts in various colors and lengths

Imagine sauntering through the city on a warm day, and you’ll likely spot a common thread weaving through men’s fashion: jorts. Yes, they’re what happens when your dependable jeans and laid-back shorts have a sartorial brainchild. And boy, are they winning the streets, from Soho to Shoreditch.

Now, why do jorts resonate so much? Here’s the scoop:

  • Jorts throw in comfort alongside a dash of cool, letting you relax without compromising on style.
  • Celebrity Endorsement: Think Harry Styles in his Gucci shorts or big-name athletes. When they don denim shorts, the world takes notice.
  • Fashion Week Approved: From Amiri to Fendi, prestigious runways are showcasing jorts in a myriad of styles—frayed, structured, or paired with blazers.

But let’s not gloss over their DIY appeal; hacking off your aged jeans breathes new life into them and gives you a unique edge. So, grab your denim shorts, be it a tailored fit or a relaxed cut-off, and revel in the breeze against your thighs. Your favorite jeans just got their summer wings. Jorts, after all, aren’t just shorts; they’re a movement you wear.

Top 10 Jorts on Amazon

Let’s dive into the world of jorts and find the perfect pair that you can rock this summer. With styles varying from slim fit to relaxed fit, there’s a pair of jorts waiting to hug your legs just right.

Stylish Denim Shorts Outfits for Men in 2024

2024 is the year where you can rock jorts with unabashed confidence, combining comfort with an edge of style that’s turning heads down every boulevard.

See the following outfits I found on Pinterest as inspiration for your future summer jorts outfit.

Basic Blue Jorts

Basic Blue Jorts with a striped shirt as overlay over a white basic shirt. A man in a striped shirt and blue jeans is standing on a sidewalk in front of a building, posing for a picture.

Dress them up, or dress them down; Basic Blue Jorts serve as your versatile fashion staple. With a crisp white tee and low-top sneakers, you’re ready for a casual day out. Want to make a splash at the evening beach party? Throw on a navy blazer and loafers, and watch the sunset in style.

Cargo Denim Shorts

Cargo denim shorts with White Basic shirt, white tennis socks and beige birkenstock

Pockets galore! Cargo Jean Shorts are your perfect companion for adventures where functionality meets fashion. Clad yourself in cargo jorts paired with a graphic tee and combat boots, and you’re not just prepared for the urban jungle—you’re owning it.

Dark Jorts

Dark / Black Jorts with white shirt and blue oversized button shirt as overlay, white tennis socks and adidas samba

Mystery meets denim with dark / black denim shorts. Try them with a fitted, black button-up and Chelsea boots for a sleek look that whispers, “I’ve got secrets,” perfect for that enigmatic vibe at a night out with friends.

Baggy Overknee Jorts

Oversized Jorts with olive green zip hoodie and white sneakers

Comfort is king, and Oversized Shorts are its loyal subjects. Whether you’re chilling at a backyard BBQ or hitting up a music festival, oversized jorts matched with a bold, oversized hoodie and high-top sneakers spell out ‘relaxed cool’ with every step.

Various Jorts in Comparison

First up, slim-fit jorts grip your thighs with the right amount of snugness. They tend to be a go-to for a streamlined look that accentuates your body shape without squeezing the life out of your legs. Remember, if you’re a dude with muscular thighs, sizing up may prevent you from feeling like a stuffed sausage.

Relaxed-fit jorts are the laid-back cousins in the denim family. They grant you the freedom to move without restraint, making them a stellar pick if comfort tops your list. These jorts don’t discriminate; they’re friends with every body type, from slender frames to guys who bring a little more to the party.

StyleFitBest For
Slim FitSnugStreamlined, body-hugging
Relaxed FitLooseComfort, all body types

For those who fancy practicality with your style, snag a pair of cargo jorts. Yes, they exist, and yes, they’re a cargo-pocketed heaven for carrying your gear (and snacks).

Now, baggy jeans have leaped from the 90s into jort form. Think of a relaxed fit but with even more room to groove. They’re like a party for your legs – everyone’s invited!

Remember, styling your jorts is key to showing off your unique vibe. Whether you cuff the hem, throw on a crisp tee, or layer with a slick button-down, you make those jorts sing your style anthem.

As you set off on your jort-finding quest, keep it light-hearted, feel good in your skin, and choose the fit that speaks to you.

Creating Your Own Men’s Jorts Outfit

A close up on a mans blue denim shorts

So, you’ve decided to rock a pair of jorts this season, and you’re ready to piece together an outfit that turns heads at the barbecue. Let’s get you styled up with staples from your closet and a touch of 2024 flair.

The Basics

Start with a crisp, white basic shirt, a classic that never fails. Think of it as your canvas paired brilliantly with denim’s rugged charm. If you’re aiming for a relaxed vibe, an oversized button shirt worn open over a jersey injects just the right dose of nonchalance.


A woven belt or a vintage watch adds personality without trying too hard. Still got those white tennis socks? Pull them up with your best sneakers to nail that off-duty athlete look – it’s a slam dunk in the comfort department.


Flats in leather or canvas are your go-to for those long summer walks. They keep things simple and stylish, and let’s face it, comfort is king.


Yearning for some layering magic? An oversized overlay like a lightweight parka or a denim jacket in a contrasting wash builds up your jorts narrative. Welcome cool evenings with style while sharing tales of your sun-soaked adventures.

Remember, fashion is your story, so write it with a dash of humor and a heap of confidence. Whether you’re going for skater cool or preppy elegance, this is your plot twist. Now, take those jeans shorts out for a spin and let the legend of your summer style begin!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jorts have surged back into fashion, combining timeless denim with summer-friendly shorts. Dive into the most burning questions to master the art of donning jorts with flair.

What’s the secret to rocking jorts with confidence as a modern man?

To wear jorts with confidence, ensure they fit well — not too tight, not too loose. Pair them with a crisp tee or a casual shirt, and throw on some sneakers or loafers to seal the deal with a hint of nonchalance.

How can one find the perfect pair of baggy jorts for a throwback Y2K vibe?

Scour thrift stores or vintage shops for authentic finds. When shopping new, look for brands that offer a relaxed fit and aim for a longer leg to nail that baggy, skater-boy aesthetic from the early 2000s.

Which celebrities are wearing Jorts now?

Celebs like Zac Efron and Justin Bieber flaunt their fashion-forward jorts, inspiring you to embrace the trend. Keep an eye on their casual streetwear looks for some star-studded style inspiration.

What distinguishes a rugged pair of jorts from your average shorts wardrobe?

A rugged pair features a heavier denim fabric, distressed details, and a raw hem. These elements give your jorts an edge, making them stand out from the usual lineup of chino or linen shorts.

What style tips should guys consider when picking out jorts for a summer wardrobe?

Opt for lighter shades of denim during hot days and pair jorts with vibrant, breezy tops. Keep your footwear relaxed with sandals or canvas sneakers for an effortlessly cool summer vibe.

If you liked our article, follow us on Pinterest to make sure you don’t miss any more trends. You are also welcome to leave us a comment below. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy shopping for your new jorts!

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