How To Wear A Tennis Skirt Outfit In Street Style

A tennis skirt outfit is styled with a casual street vibe paired with a graphic tee
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You’ve seen it everywhere: the tennis skirt outfit has volleyed right off the courts and onto the streets, serving up pure style aces for the fashion-conscious among us. This trend turns the classic athletic attire into a statement piece, showing that you’ve got game even when the closest you’re getting to a match is ordering a “double” at your local coffee shop. With pleats that swing as cheerfully as a grand slam winner’s racket, the tennis skirt invites fun into every outfit, stepping up your street style game without even needing to score a point.

Experimentation is the name of the game here. Imagine the tennis skirt as a blank canvas, and you’re the artist with a wardrobe full of brush strokes. An oversized sweatshirt here, a pair of statement sunglasses there, and bam!—you’ve got a look that nods to the sporty origins while winking at its newfound fashion flirtations. So, why not revel in this trend that’s equal parts comfort and panache? Don your tennis skirt, and let the streets be your court where you’re sure to make a slam dunk in style.

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The Evolution of Tennis Skirts in Street Style

A row of skirts hanging on a clothing rack, showcasing the evolution of styles from traditional pleats to modern high-waisted designs

Grab your racket—or not. It’s time to talk about how the pleated tennis skirt leaped from Wimbledon to your daily wardrobe with grace and a sporty twist, gaining a high-fashion status along the way.

From the Court to the Streets

You’ve seen tennis skirts dominate the court with their functional, breathable design tailored for the sport. Yet, somewhere down the line, these skirts served up a stylish ace beyond the tennis fences. Pleated skirts, initially designed for ease of movement during the game, vaulted into street style, offering a playful yet feminine charm to your everyday outfits. Whether it’s a classic white skirt or a bold plaid tennis skirt, the sportswear icon has secured its spot in the world of casual wear.

Remember when you thought ballet was just for dancers? Just like that, the tennis skirt is not just for tennis stars anymore. Blame it on the versatility or the sheer cheekiness it brings, your wardrobe loves the game now. The resurgence of trends like balletcore has breathed new life into the athletic aesthetic, making the tennis skirt your go-to for channeling that off-duty athlete meets ballerina vibe.

Iconic Moments in Fashion History

Now, let’s journey through time to some net-worthy style moments. Picture Suzanne Lenglen in the 1930s; she wasn’t just acing serves but also winning in the fashion department with her groundbreaking skirt and bandeau outfit. Fast forward, and Gucci is sewing sports heritage into high-fashion statements. Gone are the days when you’d only sport tennis skirts for practice – these pleated beauties are the schooling ground for a school uniform meets street fashion mash-up.

You’ve seen your favorites strut down the street in what used to be strictly tennis apparel. Think of the iconic images of Lady Di, pairing her skirt with a chunky sweatshirt back in the ’90s—the epitome of laid-back chic. Are you even surprised that the tennis skirt has made such a racket in fashion history? From posh fashion week attendees to the influencer around the corner, tennis skirts have volleyed well beyond the grass courts and clay.

Crafting Your Tennis Skirt Ensemble

woman sitting in the park on a bench with green skirt and black top

Unleash the style maven in you! Let’s turn the tennis skirt from sporty to street chic with a dash of your personality shining through each piece you select.

Selecting the Perfect Tennis Skirt

For your streetwear revolution, snag a pleated tennis skirt or a skort with built-in shorts. They’re not just for the court anymore! Aim for comfort with stretchy fabrics or make a statement with bold prints. The classic flouncy skirt captures that sporty essence while adapting to your everyday adventures.

Topwear to Pair with Tennis Skirts

Now, top that skirt with panache! Think of oversized sweaters or a graphic tee tucked just so for that effortless cool. Grab a cropped cardigan to elevate the look, or turn heads with a sleek corset top. Trust me, pairing it with an oversized blazer screams boss vibes all day.

Choosing the Right Footwear

Footsteps matter; pair your skirt with sneakers for an all-day jaunt or slip into some sleek loafers to add a preppy twist. Going out tonight? Those knee-high boots are calling your name, pal. For the love of comfort, let’s not forget about those cute ballet flats.

Accessorizing Your Outfit

Bling it up or keep it chill. Pop on some sunglasses that say ‘I’m too cool for school’. Swing a shoulder bag for that touch of class or wrap a long coat over your shoulders à la fashion icon. Don’t forget, a little sparkle never hurts—think minimalist jewelry with maximum effect.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Tennis Skirt Outfits

A woman in a tennis skirt, paired with a polo shirt and sneakers, walks down a street, carrying a stylish handbag

In the world of street style, tennis skirts have caused quite a racket. Whether you’re aiming to serve looks or just volley through your day-to-day, here’s how to keep your outfit game set and match.

Are tennis skirts still in style in 2024?

You better believe it! In 2024, tennis skirts are still the MVP of street style in summer, giving a nod to both retro vibes and contemporary chic. Throw one on to instantly up your style game.

How do I make a tennis skirt look cute?

For a cute and sassy look, match your tennis skirt with a cropped top or a graphic tee. Add a pair of chunky sneakers and you’re ready to conquer the urban jungle!

When can I wear a tennis skirt?

Think of a tennis skirt as your fashion wildcard—perfect for a day out, a brunch with pals, or even a smart casual event. Any time’s a good time for this versatile piece!

What’s the secret to pairing tops with tennis skirts for that ace look?

The magic trick is balance. Sport a baggy sweatshirt or an oversized blazer with your skirt. This play of proportions is guaranteed to score you major style points!

How can you rock a tennis skirt for a casual coffee run?

Grab your favorite tennis skirt and team it with a cozy knit or a laid-back hoodie. Comfortable yet fashionable, you’ll be turning the sidewalk into your personal runway.


The rise of the tennis skirt as a street style staple is undeniable. From its pleated lines to the playful flounce, it’s a piece that adds a touch of sporty chic to your wardrobe. Zendaya, a style icon in her own right, has shown us how versatile tennis skirts can be, dressing them up or down with ease. And let’s not forget the functional side—with built-in shorts for coverage, you’re armed with not just style, but comfort as well.

The fashion-forward is seen pairing tennis skirts with everything from crop tops to chunky sneakers, layering to perfection. You can throw on a vintage sweatshirt for a nod to the ’90s, or opt for a semi-sheer skort for a more daring ensemble. Bright colors and tactile textures give these outfits an extra edge, capturing attention and expressing individuality.

As the sun sets on the horizon of trends, remember that your tennis skirt outfit isn’t just about fashion – it’s about making a statement. With every swish of your pleats, you’re not just walking down the street; you’re owning it.

So go ahead and take your tennis skirt outfit for a street style spin. We can’t wait to see how you make the court-side classic uniquely yours. And hey, if you’ve got a penchant for Pinterest, follow us for more inspo! Share your own swanky skirts and stories in the comments – we’re all friends here, jockeying for the best-dressed title in the game of tennis skirt outfit street style.

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